Swank Cocktail Club

Venue Details

Featuring a lush bar with an inspired cocktail collection, Swank is a great spot for a cozy conversation in a sexy yet elegant lounge setting in Pacific Heights.

488 Presidio Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94115
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Quiz Day & Time
Wednesday, 7:30pm
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Quiz Info:

Last time we quizzed, we enjoyed close competition and the best sriracha deviled eggs in town. Ultimately, Awkward Silence edged out the other teams to take home the big prize - a $25 bar tab and unlimited bragging rights! Bring some friends and come join us every Wednesday for more trivia fun at Swank!

Here are the quiz themes for July 8th:

Round 1: General Knowledge
Round 2: The Handout Round - 'Know Your Yiddish!'
Round 3: 'A Round of Music'
Round 4: The Picture Round
Round 5: The Music Round -- Name the Artist
Round 6: Last Call For Know-It-Alls!

The Event
Brainstormer is Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m., hosted by Ana. Join us for good times, prizes, and drink specials each week!

photo of Brainstormer Pub Quiz venue Swank Cocktail Club,San Francisco,CA The Coral & Tuskers came in 2nd and show off a little Brainstormer swag. 7/1/2015

Bonus Prize Question!

Correct entries have a chance to win a drink and/or a prize from Brainstormer!

Acadia National Park is located on islands off the Atlantic coast of what U.S. state?

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