Dubliner Noe Valley

Venue Details

The Dubliner is the perfect place to relax with friends in a friendly atmosphere. We offer imported beers on tap and a full bar, as well as 12 large screen TVs playing every sports package available in HD.

3838 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Quiz Day & Time
Thursday, 8:00 p.m.
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Quiz Info:

Last time we quizzed, as the Noe Valley Wine Walk flowed out the teams flowed in and we were filled to the brim once again with teams thirsty for our top prizes. 'Dork Side of the Moon' narrowly fended off Quizeybadgers' for our third place prize, and 'When Harry Met Andre' rode the high score in the final round to a decisive 2nd place finish, but it was 'Oh Noe You Didn't' who held on and secured themselves a wire-to-wire victory.

Here are the themes for our next quiz on Thursday, August 24th:

Round 1. General Knowledge & Current Events
Round 2. The Handout Round - 'The other Big Games'
Round 3. 'Back to School'
Round 4. The 'My Furry Friend' Picture Round
Round 5. The Music Round
Round 6. Last Call for Know-It-Alls!

The Event
Brainstormer Pub Quiz Thursdays at 8:00 pm, hosted by Chris!

photo of Brainstormer Pub Quiz venue Dubliner Noe Valley,San Francisco,CA 'When Harry Met Andre' held fast and made a late push to solidify their 2nd place finish! 8/17/2017

Bonus Prize Question!

Correct entries have a chance to win a drink and/or a prize from Brainstormer!

Bonus Question for August 24th: Guinness World Records gave the title 'First Feature-Length Computer-Animated Movie' to what 1995 Pixar movie?

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