Dubliner Noe Valley

Venue Details

The Dubliner is the perfect place to relax with friends in a friendly atmosphere. We offer imported beers on tap and a full bar, as well as 12 large screen TVs playing every sports package available in HD.

3838 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Quiz Day & Time
Thursday, 8:00 p.m.
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Quiz Info:

BRAINSTORMER IS HIRING QUIZ HOSTS IN SAN FRANCISCO!! Are you a ham on the mic who also loves trivia? GET IN TOUCH!

Last time we quizzed, we brought in a smokin' batch of trivia for San Francisco's favorite unofficial holiday, and our teams were ready and waiting to try and set a new high score. 'Dirty L'Andre' rose steadily through the ranks to finally solidify their third place spot, while 'The Wet Bandits' were never far from the lead as they finished second, and 'Oh Noe You Didn't!' finally moved ahead in the music round and would hold on to take home this week's grand prize!

Here are the themes for our next quiz on Thursday, April 27th:

Round 1. General Knowledge & Current Events
Round 2. The Handout Round - 'TV Episodes'
Round 3. 'Watching George'
Round 4. The Picture Round
Round 5. The Music Round
Round 6. Last Call for Know-It-Alls!

The Event
Brainstormer Pub Quiz Thursdays at 8:00 pm, hosted by Chris!

photo of Brainstormer Pub Quiz venue Dubliner Noe Valley,San Francisco,CA 'The Wet Bandits' found the lead a bit too slippery, but still hung on to take 2nd place! 4/20/2017

Bonus Prize Question!

Correct entries have a chance to win a drink and/or a prize from Brainstormer!

Bonus Question for April 27th: What 'Saturday Night Live' veteran who died in 1998 voiced the characters Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure on 'The Simpsons?'

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