Napper Tandy

Venue Details

A neighborhood Irish pub located in San Francisco's Mission area. Stop in for the friendly staff, wide selection of food and drinks, Internet jukebox fireplace and pool table.

3200 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
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Quiz Day & Time
Wednesday, 8:30pm
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Quiz Info:

Washio is giving away FREE dry cleaning at our pub quiz on September 10. New customers also earn $20 in free credit with promo code Trivia9120.

Join your host, Marissa, each week for fun and prizes!

The Event
Join your hostess Marissa on Wednesday nights at this great Irish pub in the Mission district. Great fun and prizes each week! Bring a team of players, fly solo at the bar, or find a team to join up with at the Pub Quiz Regulars!

photo of Brainstormer Pub Quiz venue Napper Tandy,San Francisco,CA Winners! 8/13/2014

Bonus Prize Question!

Correct entries have a chance to win a drink and/or a prize from Brainstormer!

What actor appears in a number of funny commercials for Direct TV along with ‘less attractive,’ ‘painfully awkward’ and ‘super creepy’ versions of himself?

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