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What is the Brainstormer Pub Quiz®?

Brainstormer is a LIVE team trivia contest hosted at your venue. This promotion is held at scores of locations and draws in bar customers week after week. It is also a great 'ice-breaker' party idea for company events. Download our brochure in PDF format HERE. Got two minutes? Check out our Promotional Video.

Promo Video

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Themes include:

  • General Knowledge
  • Current Events
  • Music & Movies
  • Arts & Literature
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Famous Faces (picture round)
  • Others!

(Be sure to check out our sample questions.)

Various Formats:

How does Brainstormer work?

  1. Form Teams
    Create teams of players (we recommend teams of 4-6 people).
  2. Battle of the Brains
    Quizmaster fires the questions and teams compete by writing their answers.
  3. Tally Scores
    Quizmaster tallies the scores and announces the team standings after each round.
  4. Award Prizes
    Lucky winners receive real prizes provided by you. Losers get to try again the next time! Ask us about our selection of Brainstormer prizes, which include bottle openers, wine keys, shirts, hats, beer glasses and mugs!

Hosting Options

  • Host Your Own
    This is our most popular offering. Check out our Quiz Pack options.
  • Quizmaster
    We can supply a professional Quizmaster to host the event at your venue around the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country. Our professional Quizmasters have traveled as far as Chicago and Washington, D.C. Please contact us for more information.

Sample Trivia Questions

We strive to make our questions unique, entertaining, informative and challenging. Our content is compiled by a team of professional writers in the United States. All content is relevant to North American audiences, is constantly updated, and includes pronunciation guides for some of the more challenging words. Our proprietary database allows us to create custom quizzes tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of your clientele.

Scroll down for answers:

  1. What was the name of Britney Spears' first album, which includes a hit single by the same name?
  2. In the game of Texas hold 'em, which comes first, the 'Flop' or the 'River?' 
  3. In 2012, what cell phone company dropped its ad slogan, ‘America’s largest 4G network,’ because it was no longer true?
  4. The Oscar-winning 2010 movie 'Black Swan' is a psychological thriller with a plot based on a ballet by what classical composer?
  5. In a September 2003 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, who was voted greatest rock guitarist of all time? 
  6. What is the world's largest structure made by living organisms?
  7. What vitamin, derived from carotene, improves the eye's ability to see in the dark? 
  8. The Rally Monkey has been a mascot for what Major League Baseball team since 2000?
  9. How many NFL teams are named after birds?
  10. In 2011, country star Toby Keith had a hit with an ode to what drinking companion, often used to hold beer during tailgating and critical for beer pong?
  11. Name the four houses at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (One point for each.)
  12. If you had the medical condition known as rhinorrhea {Pronounced: RYE-no-REE-uh}, what would you be suffering from?

ANSWERS - 1. 'Baby One More Time' (Britney became the first female performer in the history of Billboard magazine to have her first three albums open at No. 1 on the pop album chart), 2. Flop, 3.T-Mobile (AT&T challenged the slogan, but T-Mobile claimed to have dropped it independently of AT&T’s inquiry.), 4. Tchaikovsky {Pronounced: CHAI-coff-SKEE} (Tchaikovsky's 'Black Swan' requires a ballerina to play both the innocent White Swan and the sensual Black Swan.), 5. Jimi Hendrix, 6. Great Barrier Reef, 7. Vitamin A, 8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Accept Angels/Anaheim Angels, 9. Five teams (Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks), 10. (Red) Solo Cup, 11. Gryffindor {Pronounced: GRIF-in-DOOR}, Slytherin {SLITH-ur-in}, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and 12. Runny nose

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