League Standings

Winter League 2017/2018 - SF Bay Area, $2,300+ in prizes!


Start Date  11/12/2017
End Date  2/22/2018
Info  STARTS NOVEMBER 12, 2017!! (‘Warm Up’ bonus weeks are October 29 and November 5.) The League Rules have been updated on OCTOBER 23, 2017. To learn more, click HERE.

New to Brainstormer and want to join the Winter League?

* STEP ONE: Create a Quizzer profile – click HERE.
* STEP TWO: Create a Team profile – click HERE. Remember to choose a 'Favorite Quiz Venue,' your ‘home’ venue. This is the bar/restaurant your team will play at during the qualifying rounds of each week of the league. Don't forget to invite your team mates to join on line!
* STEP THREE: Click the REGISTER button to add your team to the league. Then click HERE to make sure your team appears in the league standings.

BAY AREA TRIVIA CHAMPIONSHIP - $2,300+ in prizes! More details about the date and venue for the final will be posted soon.


'Genius Bonus' - Team that attends the Bay Area Trivia Championship that also played the most weeks during the league and achieved the highest cumulative points score during those weeks (bonus points, plus league points, plus call-to-action bonus points) = $125. 'Genius Bonus' runner-up = $75 (teams from venues where at least two teams meet the minimum attendance requirement for league are eligible for these prizes. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the team that scores the most points at the Grand Final.)


Winner = $500 + THE BRAINSTORMER CUP engraved with team name as BAY AREA TRIVIA CHAMPIONS! * Second Place = $300 * Third Place = $200 * Fourth Place = $100


All teams that win a Golden Ticket to attend the Bay Area Trivia Championship will face-off against each other for a chance to win the following prizes: Winner = $400 = * Second Place = $200 * Third Place = $100


*ALL* teams that attend the Bay Area Trivia Championship will be competing for the following prizes:
* 'Perfectly Average Score' (yes, we reward mediocrity!) = $100 * 'Team Spirit Prize' (awarded to the team that impresses the audience at the final with their choice of costume, t-shirt design, dance, song, etc...) = $100 * ‘Loyalty Bonus’ (team that played the most weeks during the league that achieves the second lowest score of ALL participating teams at the Bay Area Trivia Championship) = $100


To be eligible to qualify for The Bay Area Trivia Championship, teams must play a minimum of 8 league weeks at their league venue.


1. EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS! Have your team captain register your team for this league directly on our website by NOVEMBER 4 to earn 20 bonus league points.
2. SOCIAL MEDIA BONUS! Locate the 'WINTER LEAGUE 2017' post on our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. In the comments, add your team name AND tag the bar your team will be playing at during the league by NOVEMBER 17. A maximum of 20 bonus league points can be earned for each team.
3. WARM UP BONUS POINTS! Play the entire quiz at your league venue, using your league name, on the weeks commencing OCTOBER 29 and/or NOVEMBER 5 and earn 20 bonus league points for each of those weeks.
Bonus league point opportunities for 1., 2., and 3. above will be included in your team's score for Week 1 of the league.
4. TEAM PRIDE WEEK! Play the entire quiz at your league venue on the week commencing NOVEMBER 26. Have someone (perhaps a member of the venue's staff, or a member from another team?) take a photo of your entire team (we want to see their smiling faces!) Be sure to include your friendly Brainstormer host in the team photo :) A. Post the photo as the MAIN photo of your team profile on the Brainstormer site for the duration of the league. B. Post that same photo on our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM by DECEMBER 1, and be sure to properly tag Brainstormer. Your team will earn 40 bonus league points if the requirements of both A. and B. have been met.

NON LEAGUE WEEKS. While the quiz may be happening at many of our venues (please check our email blast or ask your host), the following weeks will not be part of the league: THANKSGIVING WEEK (week that starts November 19), CHRISTMAS WEEK (week that starts December 24), NEW YEAR’S WEEK (week that starts December 31, 2017).

Registered Teams and League Standings

Show scores by venue 
Team Name  


Avg Score: 50.63
Rank Team   Venue Total Points
1 Photo of Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs Wine & Waffles 110.0
1 Photo of I'm Drinking Beer But My Pants Smell like Chardonnay I'm Drinking Beer But My Pants Smell like Chardonnay The Swingin' Door 110.0
3 Photo of Smarty Pants Smarty Pants Nickies 100.0
3 Photo of Untz! Untz! Untz! Untz! Untz! Untz! Untz! Untz! Golden State Brewery 100.0
3 Photo of You Can't Handle the Trivia You Can't Handle the Trivia The Swingin' Door 100.0
6 Photo of This is Becoming a Habit This is Becoming a Habit The Swingin' Door 96.0
7 Photo of Garden Party Behavior Specialists Garden Party Behavior Specialists Finnegan's Marin 90.0
7 Photo of Umunhum Brewing Umunhum Brewing Uproar Brewing Company 90.0
9 Photo of Hodor's Lost Thesaurus Hodor's Lost Thesaurus Bar Basic 80.0
9 Photo of Oakland Writer's Bloc Oakland Writer's Bloc Aisle 5 80.0
9 Photo of Quizzers With Attitude Quizzers With Attitude Asiento 80.0
12 Photo of Freebird!!!! Freebird!!!! Golden State Brewery 77.0
12 Photo of Trivial Kersploosh! Trivial Kersploosh! Bar Basic 77.0
12 Photo of You Can Count on Monte Cristo You Can Count on Monte Cristo McGah's Pub & Pianos 77.0
15 Photo of Pobody's Nerfect Pobody's Nerfect Spark Social SF 76.0
16 Photo of Smart Throbs Smart Throbs Uproar Brewing Company 74.0
17 Photo of Alternative Facts Alternative Facts Monaghan's 70.0
17 Photo of Kacy's Boys Kacy's Boys Bar Nua 70.0
17 Photo of Trivialis Trivialis McGah's Pub & Pianos 70.0
17 Photo of We Drink and We Know Things We Drink and We Know Things Nickies 70.0
21 Photo of Ask My Balls Ask My Balls Uproar Brewing Company 60.0
21 Photo of Cat People Cat People Patriot House Pub 60.0
21 Photo of Oh Noe you didn't Oh Noe you didn't Dubliner Noe Valley 60.0
24 Photo of RBV Teenster RBV Teenster Danny Coyle's 57.0
24 Photo of Who's Jim? Who's Jim? SoMa StrEat Food Park 57.0
26 Photo of The Fearless Rabbits The Fearless Rabbits McGah's Pub & Pianos 56.0
27 Photo of Mah Biscuits are burning Mah Biscuits are burning Bar Nua 55.0
28 Photo of We Just Don't Wanna Be Last We Just Don't Wanna Be Last Spark Social SF 54.0
29 Photo of Hush Hush Sweet Space Puppies Hush Hush Sweet Space Puppies Uproar Brewing Company 50.0
29 Photo of When Harry met Andre When Harry met Andre Dubliner Noe Valley 50.0
31 Photo of But why is the rum ham gone? But why is the rum ham gone? Spark Social SF 40.0
31 Photo of C U Next Tuesday C U Next Tuesday Finnegan's Marin 40.0
31 Photo of Ignorance is Bliss, NOT! Ignorance is Bliss, NOT! Flatiron 40.0
31 Photo of Lou Sassles Lou Sassles Uproar Brewing Company 40.0
31 Photo of Nacho Business Nacho Business Spark Social SF 40.0
31 Photo of No Reservations No Reservations Patriot House Pub 40.0
31 Photo of Wild Bill's Rowdy Bunch Wild Bill's Rowdy Bunch Kennedy's Irish Pub 40.0
38 Photo of Bad & Boozy Bad & Boozy Rogue Ales Public House 37.0
38 Photo of Moist Groin Moist Groin Monaghan's 37.0
38 Photo of The MILFman Always Comes Twice The MILFman Always Comes Twice HQ / Martin Mack's 37.0
41 Photo of The Randy Popes The Randy Popes Dubliner Noe Valley 36.0
41 Photo of The Sexy Eunuchs The Sexy Eunuchs Danny Coyle's 36.0
43 Photo of Coyle Me Maybe Coyle Me Maybe Danny Coyle's 34.0
43 Photo of Spooning Leads to Forking Spooning Leads to Forking O'Neill's Irish Pub San Mateo 34.0
45 Photo of In a Tie Breaker In a Tie Breaker Asiento 30.0
45 Photo of Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs Finnegan's Marin 30.0
45 Photo of Starter Culture Starter Culture Spark Social SF 30.0
45 Photo of You're A Quizard Harry You're A Quizard Harry Rogue Ales Public House 30.0
49 Photo of A Slow Constant Simmer of Animosity A Slow Constant Simmer of Animosity Kennedy's Irish Pub 20.0
49 Photo of Bath Salts People Eaters Bath Salts People Eaters Rogue Ales Public House 20.0
49 Photo of How Do you Spell Profilactic? How Do you Spell Profilactic? Monaghan's 20.0
49 Photo of Kinsey Onesie Kinsey Onesie HQ / Martin Mack's 20.0
49 Photo of The Conquering Dotards The Conquering Dotards Nickies 20.0
49 Photo of The Scorpion Queens The Scorpion Queens SoMa StrEat Food Park 20.0
55 Photo of sMarty McFly sMarty McFly Spark Social SF 17.0
56 Photo of Dis bitch don’t know bout pangaea Dis bitch don’t know bout pangaea Uproar Brewing Company 16.0
56 Photo of Only my couch pulls out Only my couch pulls out Monaghan's 16.0
58 Photo of I already came first I already came first Uproar Brewing Company 15.0
58 Photo of Surprise Pap Smear Surprise Pap Smear Rogue Ales Public House 15.0
60 Photo of Dumbledorks Dumbledorks Spark Social SF 13.0
61 Photo of Menace II Sobriety Menace II Sobriety Golden State Brewery 10.0
61 Photo of TJ and Friends TJ and Friends Golden State Brewery 10.0
63 Photo of Post Street Posse Post Street Posse Rogue Ales Public House 0.0
63 Photo of We were on a BREAK!!! We were on a BREAK!!! Uproar Brewing Company 0.0

used double down = Qualified for the Grand Final.
golden ticket = Qualified for the Grand Final to appear in the Golden Ticket Playoff contest.
used double down = Team exercised 'Double-Down' Option (League points earned for any ONE week of play - EXCEPT the final week - are doubled.)
average score = Team(s) with League's Perfectly Average Score (This feature may not be used in all leagues.)

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