Official Rules

UPDATED OCTOBER 23, 2017: These rules are intended as a general outline of how our leagues work. Please familiarize yourself with them. New teams are always welcome!

I am totally new to Brainstormer. How Do I Join a League?

* STEP ONE: Create a Quizzer profile – click HERE.
* STEP TWO: Create a Team profile – click HERE. Remember to choose your ‘home’ venue. This is the only bar/restaurant your team will play at during the qualifying rounds of each week of the league. Don't forget to invite your team mates to join on line!
* STEP THREE: Choose a league to join – click HERE, the navigate to the league you would like to join.

How Does League Play Work?

The duration of each league and the minimum attendance requirement will be posted in the league description.

League points are awarded on a WEEKLY basis as follows:

30 league points to the weekly winner * 20 league points for second place * 17 league points for third place * 16 league points for fourth place * 15 league points for fifth place * 14 league points for sixth place * 13 league points for seventh place * 10 league points for just showing up, but not placing in the top seven teams. PLEASE NOTE: If a non-league team wins the quiz, and your league team is in second place, you get second place points, not first place points, and so on.

LOYALTY BONUS! 50 additional league points for playing the FINAL WEEK of the league (these points will be added to your score for the final week and cannot be 'doubled down.')

By participating in Brainstormer leagues you agree to these rules:

  1. Contestants may play on ONE league team only for the duration of the tournament. Contestants playing on a league team may not play at any other league venue(s), either on a league basis, or on a casual (non-league) basis, for the duration of the league. If this rule is broken, any associated teams will be disqualified from the opportunity to attend the Grand Final. There may be exceptions to this rule such as during a bonus week call-to-action. Contestants who play on one team that does not qualify for the Grand Final may not join a different team at the Grand Final.
  2. Teams may register to play at one ‘home’ venue only and participate in league play at that venue only for the duration of a specific league. Teams must register at the Brainstormer web site to be eligible to particapate in league play. If you are having a problem registering your team please contact Brainstormer ASAP by clicking HERE.
  3. JOINING A LEAGUE: New teams can join the league anytime during the first THREE weeks of play. In some cases, the period to join the league may be extended. Check the specific league page for details. Once you have registered to play at a venue, you must continue to play at that venue. League scores are not transferrable between venues. The more you play, the more you score! Note: League teams as well as teams not taking part in the league are still eligible to win the great weekly prizes at each venue.
    Teams can qualify for our GRAND FINAL in one of two ways: 1. CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF: – At the end of league play, the top-scoring team(s) from each bar that meet the minimum attendance requirement, advance to the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF. Prizes for this category are listed at the specific league page. 2. GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF: – All teams that meet the minimum attendance requirement, and who did not advance to the Champions Grand Final, are automatically entered into a drawing for our GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF. Prizes for this category are listed at the specific league page. These teams compete against *each other* for a chance to win the GOLDEN TICKET prizes on offer at the Grand Final. NOTE: All competitors must be 21+ to attend our Grand Final.

    GRAND FINAL FEE: Please note that *all* teams attending the Grand Final pay a fee of $36 per team to attend.
    Each venue must field a *minimum* of 2 league teams that meet the minimum attendance requirement to have at least one team eligible to participate at the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF. Attendance requirement: Please check the league description to see the attendance requirement teams must meet to be eligible for the Grand Final and/or any pre-qualification prizes that may be on offer.
    CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF: - Teams can earn a place depending on the number of teams participating at each venue. If 2-4 teams participate at a venue, and meet the minimum attendance requirement, the venue will send ONE team to the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF; if more than 4 teams participate, the venue will send TWO teams to the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF. If a participating venue only has one team participating in league play, that team will receive one entry to the raffle for the opportunity to attend the GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF. However, actually receiving a GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF spot is not guaranteed.
    ‘WILD CARD’ OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND THE CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF: Any team that scores at least 350 points during the league, and does not automatically qualify to represent its bar at the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF- but otherwise meets the eligibility criteria to attend the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF - may earn a place at the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF via ‘WILD CARD’ entry. The number of 'WILD CARD' entries available will be limited. In this case, the teams with the highest total league points will enter the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF via 'WILD CARD.'
    GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF: Your team may also qualify for the Grand Final if you receive a Golden Ticket. HOW DOES A TEAM WIN A GOLDEN TICKET? At the end of weekly league play, and after the Wild Card decisions are made, we put the names of all teams that did not qualify to attend the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF into a raffle. Each team that met the league minimum attendace requirement is guaranteed one chance of winning. We then draw team names at random and invite the captains of those teams to attend the GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF at the GRAND FINAL. Teams may receive an additional chance in the raffle after Brainstormer weighs the input of the quizmaster at each venue. So, be nice your quizmaster :) Teams may receive an additional entry in the raffle by answering a call-to-action during the league. Brainstormer reserves the right to assign a limited number of tables to other teams, including, but not limited to, teams comprised of Brainstormer quiz hosts, employees of our host venue, and/or our sponsors. These teams will play just for fun and will not be eligible to win any prizes on offer. NO TRANSFER - Teams that qualify for the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF may not opt instead to compete at the GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF. Teams that qualify for the GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF may not opt instead to compete at the CHAMPIONS PLAYOFF.

    1. During the league, each team can 'Double-Down' on its score during any ONE pub quiz event. For example, let's assume your team wins a weekly quiz. The normal total weekly score would be 30 points. However, if your team has exercised the 'Double-Down' option, the score will be doubled to 60 points! Important: You must let your Quizmaster know BEFORE the start of the weekly quiz that you want to 'Double-Down.' Each team can 'Double-Down' only ONCE per league. It's up to you to exercise your 'Double-Down' to ensure you earn those valuable bonus points! You may NOT 'Double-Down' on the final week of league play, so please strategize accordingly. No score will be automatically doubled by the host, nor can double-downs be applied retroactively.
    2. 'Lowest Score Scratch' - Had a bad week? Your best team player decided to go to Europe for a week to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and can't make it back from the honeymoon in time for the quiz? Your team scored tickets for the Bruno Mars concert which just happens to fall on quiz night? Don't worry. When the league is over, Brainstormer will scratch EACH team's lowest score for the league, including teams that tend to perform strongly and who don't necessarily want to take a break from weekly play. This basically gives each team a 'week off.'
    3. 'Call-To-Action Bonus Points' - Call-to-action bonus point opportunities will be posted in the league description and are available during specific weeks of league play. The points are added to your total league score, so don't miss out!
  6. USE YOUR BRAINS, NOT YOUR TECHNOLOGY! During a quiz, if anyone playing on, or with, your team is seen using, or is reasonably suspected of using, a smart phone, reference materials, etc... to obtain answers to quiz questions, the Quizmaster at your venue reserves the right to make your team ineligible to win prizes at that quiz. In addition, your team may be disqualified from league participation. If you must use your smart phone during the quiz, you must ensure your team answers have already been submitted to the host before going on line.
  7. GRAND FINAL: Each team shall be limited to no more than SIX players per team, unless explicitly stated otherwise by Brainstormer. Participating teams at the Grand Final may only be comprised of REGULAR players who played for that team *at least* 50% of the time during the tournament. In other words, you may not bring in any 'ringers' to represent your team. While you may certainly have a 'Jeopardy!' champion on your team at the Grand Final, that person must have been a REGULAR player on your team during the league. We mostly rely on your honor system for adhering to this rule, but we also reserve the right to disqualify teams that violate the spirit of league play. Also, if/when we have spectators at the Grand Final, you may not 'substitute' players on your team between rounds with any spectators, so make sure you field your strongest team!
  8. Venue for the Grand Final will be announced to qualifying teams and it is incumbent on qualifying teams to make it to the venue on the date announced. Brainstormer accepts no responsibility for a team's failure to show up at the Grand Final. Teams must be present to win prizes. Prizes will be in the form of cash.
  9. In the unlikely event that a venue stops hosting Brainstormer while a league is in progress, teams playing at that venue can transfer to another participating league venue of their choice. League scores earned to date will also transfer to the alternate venue.
  10. In the event of any disputes, Brainstormer's decision IS FINAL.
  11. The main objective of our events and leagues is for our teams to have competitive fun in a friendly environment. We expect all of our players, at all times, to participate with integrity and proper etiquette toward other players, venue personnel, Brainstormer personnel, and any other third parties who may, or may not be associated with our events. Inappropriate team, or team member, participation related to the league rules will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Brainstormer reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual or team it finds to be causing a nuisance, tampering with the qualifying process or the operation of the league event, or acting in violation of the league rules, league events or any other promotion, or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, from participation in any events presented, or sponsored by Brainstormer. Any attempt by any person to undermine the legitimate operation of any part of any Brainstormer event may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and, should such an attempt be made, Brainstormer reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law. Brainstormer's failure to enforce any term of the Official Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. Brainstormer reserves the right to change/update the league rules at any time with no notification other than updating this webpage, and your continued participation in our events indicates your acceptance of such changes/updates. Team captains must share these rules with any and all players associated with captain's team.

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