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Winter League 2016/2017

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Start Date  12/12/2016
End Date  4/29/2017
Info  This league has ended. Thanks to all our teams for taking part!


Winner = $500 + THE BRAINSTORMER CUP engraved with team name as BAY AREA TRIVIA CHAMPIONS! = EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF TRIVIALITY * Second Place = $300 = MIND THE GAP * Third Place = $200 = LIVE EVERY WEEK LIKE IT'S SHARK WEEK * Fourth Place = $100 = ASK MY BALLS


All teams that win a Golden Ticket to attend the Bay Area Trivia Championship will face-off against each other for a chance to win the following prizes: Winner = $400 = GLEEMONEX * Second Place = $200 = DONUT SCISSORS


Additionally, *ALL* teams that attend the Bay Area Trivia Championship will be competing for the following prizes:
Team that topped the league table, scoring the most league points during the qualifying rounds (league points added to call-to-action bonus points) = $100 (awarded to team from a venue where a minimum of two teams meet the minimum attendance requirement for league.) = EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF TRIVIALITY
'Perfectly Average Score' = $100 (yes, we reward mediocrity!) = OLD SCHOOL SPORTS
'Costume Prize' = $100 = QUESO GUNSLINGERS
‘Loyalty Bonus’ (team that played the most weeks during the league that achieves the second lowest score of ALL participating teams at the Bay Area Trivia Championship) = $100 = THE RANDY POPES

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