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Winter League 2016/2017 - SF Bay Area, $2,000+ in prizes!

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Start Date  12/12/2016
End Date  3/19/2017
Info  PLEASE READ the LEAGUE SCORING & RULES as they were updated on NOV. 19, 2016.

BAY AREA TRIVIA CHAMPIONSHIP ($2,000+ in prizes! The Bay Area Trivia Championship will be held at St. Thomas More School in April, 2017. More details will be available soon!


Winner = $500 + THE BRAINSTORMER CUP engraved with team name as BAY AREA TRIVIA CHAMPIONS! * Second Place = $300 * Third Place = $200


All teams that win a Golden Ticket to attend the Bay Area Trivia Championship will face-off against each other for a chance to win the following prizes: Winner = $400 * Second Place = $200


Additionally, *ALL* teams that attend the Bay Area Trivia Championship will be competing for the following prizes:
Team that topped the league table, scoring the most league points during the qualifying rounds (league points added to call-to-action bonus points) = $100 (awarded to team from a venue where a minimum of two teams meet the minimum attendance requirement for league.)
'Perfectly Average Score' = $100 (yes, we reward mediocrity!)
'Costume Prize' = $100
‘Loyalty Bonus’ (team that played the most weeks during the league that achieves the second lowest score of ALL participating teams at the Bay Area Trivia Championship) = $100.


To be eligible to qualify for The Bay Area Trivia Championship, teams must play a minimum of 8 league weeks at their league venue.


1. EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS! Have your team captain register your team for this league directly on our website by NOVEMBER 27 to earn 20 bonus league points.
2. FACEBOOK BONUS! Locate the 11/20 post on our FACEBOOK. In the comments, add your team name AND tag the bar your team will be playing at during the league by DECEMBER 12. A maximum of 20 bonus league points can be earned for each team.
3. WARM UP FOR WINTER BONUS POINTS! Play the quiz at your league venue on the weeks commencing NOVEMBER 28 and/or DECEMBER 5 and earn 20 bonus league points for each of those weeks.
4. FEELING FESTIVE BONUS POINTS! During our final league quiz of 2016 (the week commencing DECEMBER 19), the wearing of Santa hats, tinsel, ugly sweaters, and appropriate holiday attire is strongly encouraged at your league venue. Have a friendly person in the bar take a new photo of your team posing with your quiz host. Go to our Facebook page and add your photo to the comments of the league post dated December 18 to earn 20 bonus league points. Be sure to add your team name and tag your league bar as well. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! NOTE: If your normal quiz night is Sunday, you can take the photo on Sunday, December 18 instead due to the fact that we will NOT be quizzing on December 25.
5. THE U.S. THRIVES FROM DIVERSITY! 20 bonus points opportunity. Coming from different countries and having different cultures is what continues to make America great! For more details, go to our FACEBOOK page.

More bonus points opportunities coming soon...


While many of our bars *will* be hosting trivia on these weeks, the following weeks will NOT apply toward your league scores:
DECEMBER 26, 2016 - Merry Christmas!
JANUARY 2, 2017 - Happy New Year!

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