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Summer League, sponsored by TAXI MAGIC

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Start Date  6/3/2013
End Date  8/25/2013
Info  The Grand Final of our Summer League was held Sunday, September 22. Check out Brainstormer's Facebook page for lots of photos from the event.
We appreciate the sponsorship of TAXI MAGIC. Learn about tremendous promotional opportunities with Brainstormer.

The team that played the most weeks and obtained the HIGHEST OVERALL SCORE WON $200 - THE YOUNG AND THE ANDRE. Team that played the most weeks and obtained the SECOND HIGHEST OVERALL SCORE won $100 - THE F-TARDS.
The team with the PERFECTLY AVERAGE SCORE in overall league play won $75 - THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI!
The team that played the MOST weeks and achieved the LOWEST score won $25 - INTERFELL.
CHAMPIONS GRAND FINAL - Winner = $500 + 'Pub Genius!' trophy - GEEK AND DESTROY * Second Place = $250 - THE YOUNG AND THE ANDRE * Third Place = $200 - SPOONING LEADS TO FORKING - * Fourth Place = $100 - THE INEBRIATI

GOLDEN TICKET PLAY-OFF - FIFTEEN additional teams picked AT RANDOM faced-off against each other in a battle of the brains separate from the CHAMPIONS GRAND FINAL! Winner = $300 - SOCIAL DISTANCING * Second Place = $200 - HERE FOR THE BEER * Third Place = $100 - THE BEE'S BANANAS

Additional prizes at the Final! 'Best Team Costume' = $100 - SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY * 'Best Team T-Shirt' = $100 - WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN.


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