Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use Brainstormer for our trivia supplies?

Brainstormer Questions: If you have ever written your own trivia questions you will now how time consuming this chore can quickly become. Put your valuable time to better use. Let us help! We know the types of questions that work. We write our questions 'in-house,' which ensures the content is original and relevant to your audience. We also take care to ensure that our questions are challenging AND entertaining. Additionally, we provide a pronunciation guide for some of the more obscure words/names that may appear in our questions! When you order from us on a regular basis you can also be sure that there will be no repetition of questions. We track each set of questions delivered to you to ensure each quiz features fresh, topical, and entertaining content, which is constantly being updated. Check out our Quiz Packs that you can use to host your own quiz. Click HERE.

Weekly Downloads: Regular clients receive access to download Weekly News questions from our website, which ensures your quiz is always topical.

How do we promote our Trivia Quiz event?

Our promotional items include full color posters that can easily be personalized with your logo and text. Regular clients receive a listing at our web site. This helps customers easily find YOUR location when doing a web search for 'pub quiz' or 'trivia night' in your area.

How long does it take to build a regular quiz clientele?

It's been our experience that it can take up to 8 weeks, or more, to build a crowd. While our marketing materials are very helpful, word of mouth is key. Consistency in hosting the quiz every week is also important in building a regular and loyal clientele.

So, we want to host Brainsormer. What do we need to do?

Brainstormer provides everything you need to run a professionally produced quiz night. Please check out our store HERE.

What other equipment do we need?

A public address sound system is essential if you are hosting your event in a large venue. It is also a good idea to have a selection of music on hand to play during breaks in the action to keep the mood fun.

How long does each Trivia Quiz last?

Each event is designed to last about two hours and our quizzes consist of six rounds of ten questions each. The breaks in the play allow for adequate intermission time and opportunites for purchasing food and drinks!

What is the ideal team size for each event?

This is at your discretion, but we suggest that you divide the players as evenly as possible. Four to six players per team is generally accepted as a good average team size.

What do you suggest we use for prizes?

We suggest awarding prizes for first and second placed teams. Awarding a prize to the team with the 'perfectly average score' rewards more quiz teams, and keeps them coming back for fun week after week. If your quiz attracts a lot of large teams, offer a 'best small team' prize to the top scoring team of, say, four players or less. You can also ask bonus questions and award 'spot-prizes' at random.

Any other advice?

Make sure that the contestants do NOT use smart phones, pads, and other electronic devices during your event!

What other services does Brainstormer offer?

In select markets, we can provide an emcee to come to your venue and host your event. We also host private parties for companies, clubs and other organizations. Learn More.

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